I was waiting for a meeting while a crow landed near me and look at me as if she expected I would give her some food.

Once it was a crowded place and people could feed birds or leave some edible staff on the ground. Now I was alone and couldn’t give her anything. Crows are clever, she quickly figured it out and went to a garbage container nearby.

It was closed, the crow tried to pull something from under cover, but didn’t succeed.

Another inhabitant of that area, a squirrel, rammed under a shed nearby.

Less people in the city means less garbage and food for birds and animals. Birds easily can migrate, but what happened to animals who lived near cafes at islands in the centre of the city? They can’t simply go to the mainland because the island is connected to the land only by a bridge.

Garbage itself can be a sign of time. Though alcohol is not sold for about a month, someone avoids this restriction. Who had drunken all that and how they managed to buy it? I guess, it’s always the way with prohibition. Is alcohol black market already formed here?


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One thought on “Urban wildlife and garbage in empty city

  1. A black and white crow! And not a magpie.. awesome. I had never thought about the issue of less people means less garbage which means less food.. and it is the end of winter which is the hardest time of all for birds. I loved seeing the squirrel – he was so determined! Thank you so much!

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