Life in the city is gradually coming back to normal. Each day several transport routes restore their work, even commercial transport stated to work, though it goes slowly and you still need a car if you want to get to the other part of the city may quickly, otherwise the trip may take entire day. Fortunately, you can easily get a ride now.

Stores also began to open again. In big supermarkets you won’t find the same wide range of products as before the war. You won’t buy fresh and cooled fish, for example. I couldn’t buy fresh bread these days tough it is possibly, you just have to know where and when they bring it. There are still problems with logistics that’s why shortage of some products is not over. Of course, these are not very serious difficulties against the general background. I would not say that all that really spoils daily life. But if the most part of those who left town won’t return many shops and other businesses will stop their work forever as they won’t be profitable in the face of declining population.


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