Alcorcón Museum of Contemporary Glass Art (Madrid, Spain) hosts “Genotype of freedom” exhibition. As the name implies, it invites visitors to discover Ukrainian genotype of freedom expressed in the paintings of Ivan Marchuk, the most famous contemporary Ukrainian painter.

An exhibition with the same name took place at Mystetskyi Arsenal museum  in Kiev in 2016. It featured 150 paintings from cycles «The Voice of My Soul», «Landscape», «White planet 1», «White planet 2», «Still Life», «New Expressions», «A Look into Immensity».

“Ivan Marchuk is a national artist of Ukraine, laureate of National prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko, honorary citizen of the cities of Kyiv and Ternopil, a member of the Golden Guild of the Roman Academy of contemporary art. The artist created more than 5000 paintings, which can be found on all of the world continents. For half a century of creative activity he had more than 150 monographic and 50 collective exhibitions. The artist exhibited mainly abroad (Lithuania, Germany, Poland), performing the function of public diplomacy: affirming Ukraine’s place in European art context.”, according to Mystetskyi Arsenal site.

As far as I see, some new paintings are presented at the exhibition in Madrid. It seems they are related to the recent tragic events in Ukraine:

The most valuable painting of Ivan Marchuk you can see here. I used in this post his “Golden night” created in 1981.  

Last year one of Ukrainian companies devoted a special issue of its magazine to the painter. My friend Oleg supervised this project. Recently he told me that Marchuk’s fans will get another news in the near future. What it will be is a secret so far )


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