Energy statistics show that electricity market in Ukraine contracted significantly since the war has started.

Earlier market operator told about signs of recovery following a sharp drop just after the beginning of the war.

“The peak fell on February 27. …daily traded value fell to a record low of 22 thousand MWh….
During the first 8 days of March, trading volumes on the day-ahead electricity market had a relatively high level. The average daily value was 49 thousand MWh.

However, from March 9, trading volumes began to fall.  And the average daily value did not exceed 28 thousand MWh in the period of March 9-16 inclusively.

From March 17, the trading volumes began to grow gradually. By the end of the month they were focused on an average amount of 38.2 thousand MWh of electricity on a daily basis. In our opinion, business revitalization took place”, wrote the head of JSC “Market Operator” two weeks ago.

Daily volumes of day-ahead Ukrainian electricity market in February. I underlined with red the decline in the beginning of the war.
Source – JSC “Market Operator

New decline in April

Today Market Operator published data for the first two decades of April. It shows that this growth was not stable, in April a new decline has started. The record low took place 17 April when only 14 577 MWh was sold at day-ahead electricity market. In the second decade of April its volume has fluctuated around 20-25 MWh per day. That is comparable with the decline in the end of February.

Fluctuations of daily volumes of day-ahead Ukrainian electricity market in first two decades of April.
Source – JSC “Market Operator”

A year ago, in the April 2021, daily volume was 90-100 MWh. It is not clear whether current level will remain. If yes, we can conclude that electricity market has been reduced by a factor of 4 or 5 year on year. Probably, we will again see growth; I guess that these significant fluctuations in trading volumes are related to the destruction of some distribution infrastructure objects. There was couple of blackouts after shelling, but generally power supply in Kiev proved to be more stable than could have been expected.


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