Bitrix24, Ukrainian representative office of Russian developer of business management platform with the same name, lost its employees because of the war. According to Victoria Abed, who was Chief Marketing Officer at this moment, everyone unanimously decided to leave.

“We just left the project, the whole team. When we talked to our colleagues abroad, we’ve never squabble over politics. There wasn’t anyone who radically supports or opposes anything. Our corporate culture has always been strong, as it should be in a large international company.

But when the war started, we decided: sorry, but we cannot continue to work in a company, headquartered in Russia. Development Team is also located there. It’s not personal. That’s our common position,” Victoria said.

Loosing job and leaving the company in which you invested a lot of efforts is a step hard to take. But for Victoria and her former colleagues it was also an opportunity to start something new. She is sure that in the nearest future Ukrainian companies will develop alternatives of Russian IT solutions. Ukrainian users of Russian soft are looking for such alternatives.

Ukraine is a major player in the global tech arena.
The IT talent pool in Ukraine is approaching 200,000 software developers located mostly in major cities.
IT market report by N-iX

“Ukraine has one of strongest IT industries in the world. We are very adaptive and flexible. That allows to create substitutes for Russian solutions that is leaving our market now,” she says.

Since she and her team know needs of CRM and business management tools market well, maybe in the nearest future the world will see a new solution for business. It won’t be a copy of the the other business management tool. Victoria says there is need in a different system for business management, which would allow online controlling the key processes.

“Of course, we will apply our expertise in our new project. But we won’t create what we already know and used to work with. It’s not what the market needs. We have knowledge and desire to do something new. We decided to get into a fight and then we’ll see,” said Victoria.

Now Victoria is abroad and, besides of this new business project, she is engaged in humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. Her volunteer project deserves a separate article, which will eventually be published here.


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