Here are some results of my first attempt to find in Kiev streets something creative dedicated to current war events.

“Voices” political posters exhibition at the entrance of Ukrainian House:

That’s all for now. As you see, the best Ukrainian war poster is not drawn yet. They promise to put new posters here once a month. I can’t believe there is no artist in Ukraine who would draw a cool war poster; there is a loads of stuff to draw inspiration from. We’ll see.

Now some street billboards. This one is the most creative:

We help to defend

The other are not so ambitious:

The world stands with Ukraine
“He obtained eternal life in fight”

In fact this guy was died in 2015, so this billboard must be quite old. The same might be said about all billboards I saw today except to this one with reference to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars…

and the methods are the same

…and this advertisement of patriotic comedy “Run Putin run”:

Another old poster “We are grateful to Heavenly Hundred for freedom”:

It seems like there is something wrong with billboards dedicated to war in Kiev now. Where are the new ones? May be I just missed them, so I’ll continue to look for them and update this post when I find.


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