State enterprise Artyomsol, a leading producer of high quality salt products, will not resume its work in the foreseeable future.

Its workshops were destroyed by shelling. Here is a video taken by company employee:

The enterprise stopped its work in April – the nearest railroad hub couldn’t normally function because of shelling. Now there is no hope that Ukraine will produce cheap salt until the end of war; that will contribute to increase in food prices and affect some industries, and not only in Ukraine. This salt was exported to a number of countries.

According to World Mining Data 2022, in 2020 Ukraine produced 2,1 mln metric tons of salt, it’s about the same level as UK (2,3 mln metric tons) and more than 1/3 of Russian production (6,0 mln metric tons). Artyomsol produced approximately 90% of Ukrainian salt. It was a city-forming enterprise for Soledar (Donbass).

So, the work of whole industry is suspended. Ukraine doesn’t sell its salt abroad for today. And we can buy only imported salt now.

It is strange, but Artyomsol’s salt disappeared from markets’ shelves almost immediately. There should be large stocks. Probably the enterprise didn’t manage to evacuate them.

I hope, at least spectacular Soledar salt mines were not affected.


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4 thoughts on “A major salt producer in Ukraine is destroyed

  1. Wow, the salt mines are beautiful! So sad about the plant having to close down, and that will make it difficult for families… more things that are going to cost more and be harder to get 🙁

    1. I can’t buy kitchen salt at the moment, so it is an opportunity to try bath salt for food. Tastes OK. Of course, it should not be aromatized.

  2. That first picture is stunning. This is a problem on so many levels. I’ve often wondered about salt shortages & if other substances, similar in composition & safe of course, could be used for baths in this situation.

    1. salt shortage is over, salt again can be easily bought. My bath salt eating experiment was short and had no effect )

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