I’ve found this painter works through FB page of an animalist club. Vasil Mushyk lives in Western Ukraine.

Vasil Mushyk and his paitings

He likes to travel to heritage sites. Ideas for paintings he “draws from the Great Book of Nature”, he says.  

Love to a nature and enthusiasm for culture North American Indians have inspired of me on creation of a series of pictures in style Woodland. The desire to represent and to show the world of an alive nature filled by spiritual essence and vital force, promoted his reference to style of painting Woodland , created Norval Morrisseau, indian artist and narrator from tribe Ojibwa, member of the Canadian Royal Academy of Arts in 60 years of the last century”, explains he on his official site.

Sacred Maternal Love”

“From 2000 to 2004, I studied the history of art and creativity Woodland style genius artist Norvalya Morisseau. In 2004 I created my first paintings in the style of Woodland paintings. Pictures of Woodland style – these are images that help to focus on the spiritual forces, to plunge into the world of flora and fauna, see the Small Big and Small in the Big hear amazing melody woven from sounds of nature”.

A family that sails to their Elk Island of Happiness

“Cycle of works narrate about eternal harmony of an alive nature uniting beginnings giving life all alive – about Sun,  Moon,  Mother-Earth, interrelation and interosculation of the various forms of life.

The symbolics of pictures promotes ” x-ray vision ” the images.

With the characters I wanted to show something that is felt and is contained within the various living beings – some spiritual essence, sources of life force”.

“White feather”

“The symbolism of the paintings: Symbol of the sun – an inexhaustible source of Life-giving, nourishing the spiritual and physical strength of the Earth and its inhabitants. Moon – Life-Giving Spring nature nocturnal inhabitants”.

“Forest constellation”

The symbol of the heart – this is the spirit, the soul, the source of life force within every living being. Red thread – a thread of life that connects the world of plants, animals, the world of men among themselves and with the source of life – the Sun, Moon, Mother Earth and the Universe.

Dance of Life

Stylized swastika – a symbol of cyclical and renewal in nature. A musician with a flute – a symbol of the music that accompanies all the processes occurring in the nature of the Earth and the Cosmos”

No name but the message is clear.


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